Beam Flawlessly With Chicago Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Having flawlessly milky smooth skin is desired by many and for which people opting for so many options like waxing, shaving, tweezing and threading but now thanks to Chicago laser hair removal bid goodbye to the pain, rash, wastage of money and time. Charming Skin & Vein Clinics have brought to you this amazing treatment not only in Chicago but also in Oak Brook, Orland Park, Des Plaines, Villa Park and nearby regions.

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Charming Skin & Vein Clinics

Regarded as one of the best Chicago laser hair removal clinics, Charming Skin & Vein Clinics excels in the field of cosmetic & plastic surgery & provides treatment ranging from varicose veins, ageing, Botox, Obesity surgery etc. It runs under the attentive and careful supervision of Dr. Jawdat Abboud.


Laser hair removal

In this process hair removal is done by exposing the skin to pulses of laser light that destroys the hair follicle. Before coming in vogue this experiment has been carried out for almost 20 years before becoming commercially available in the mid-1990s. It is widely practiced in clinics thanks to the benefits it reap for patients.


How it is performed at Charming Skin & Vein Clinics

The laser or pulsed optical & radiofrequency is used in Chicago laser hair removal procedure where laser is set up and turned on for a fraction of a single second & to let the energy emitted by it which then is selectively absorbed by pigment in hair follicle. All this time during the procedure the time duration of laser is very carefully maintained so that follicle gets disabled but rest of the skin shouldn’t be harmed by it. After all cooling gel is used to comfort the heated & red skin and this is all get done by the specialist himself/herself. For more information you can visit and can call on 630/974-1400.


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