Effective treatment for Varicose Vein in Chicago

The ultimate motive of leading a life lies in freedom & happiness. Freedom to do what you feel like doing. One must live on a regular basis how they want to live on special occasions but because of varicose veins people are not able to live that way as these veins steel their feelings of beauty, comfort & confidence. If you are also facing the same pain of living like that Charming skin & Vein Clinic is here to rescue you.

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Charming skin & Vein Clinic is one of the most trustworthy & quality organization which provide a variety of quality treatments not only in Chicago but Oak Brook, Orlando Park, Des Plaines & nearby regions under the supervision of their highly specialized professionals & if you are looking for the best treatment of varicose vein in Chicago you have your answer.

Varicose Veins

These are the veins that have become enlarged and twisted. The term varicose vein commonly refers to the veins on the leg, although they can occur elsewhere too. Human veins have pairs of leaflet valves in them which prevent blood from flowing backwards. Our leg muscles works & pump veins to return the blood back to the heart against the effects of gravity but as these veins turn into varicose veins the leaflets of the valves in them are no longer in a state to meet properly, and therefore the valves do not work properly which allows blood to flow backwards.


How it can be treated

Laser vein therapy – This is simplest form of laser therapy & it is generally used to treat spider & varicose veins which lies just under the surface of skin, it is the minimally invasive treatment.


Sclerotherapy – This is another minimally invasive treatment which but treats more difficult & deep lying varicose veins.

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