The Best Specialist Dr. Sclerotherapy Des Plaines

I am afraid of few things in this world, and surgery tables are top on my list. If there is ever a way to avoid them, I will by all means possible. If you are much like me, then you would agree that there are at least a few other options of getting rid of varicose veins besides surgery. One of which is Sclerotherapy.

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The best way of explaining Sclerotherapy is a procedure that gradually gets rid of varicose veins through the injection of a solution that kills the affected veins. This said, it important to note that Sclerotherapy Des Plaines should be done by specialists. These specialists will know how to handle you before, during and after the procedure. For starters, you are advised to avoid a number of medications prior to the procedure. You are also advised to avoid rigorous exercise or use of muscles immediately after the procedure.

Much as this process is easy, do not be fooled into thinking it is completely painless. Sclerotherapy Des Plaines comes with some pain and discomfort both during and immediately after the procedure. The pain however, does fade far faster than in any other procedure. I would vouch for this procedure over any other any day!

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