Things You Must Know About Sclerotherapy Vein Chicago

Varicose veins commonly appear as an unpleasant bulge on the skin of your legs. The most annoying thing is that you cannot make them disappear with any cream or lotion. You need to go for sclerotherapy vein Chicago treatment to effectively get rid of varicose veins at Charming Skin & Vein Clinics.

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How Can Sclerotherapy Vein Chicago Treatment Help You?

Sclerotherapy is a popular treatment to get rid of varicose veins. This is a simple procedure that requires only 30 minutes or less. Firstly, the veins are observed via ultrasound to determine whether the veins at the skin surface are the cause of the problem or these are due to the underlying flow abnormalities.


After determining the root cause of the problem, the procedure begins by injecting a chemical inside the problematic veins. This chemical mildly irritates the walls of the veins, making them shrink and shrivel up over time.

Are You a Good Candidate for this Procedure?

To find this out, you need to consult a specialist. People who have a condition that can put them at a risk of forming blood clots are recommended to avoid this procedure. People who are eligible for the procedure must work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle by being physically more active, and wearing compression stockings on regular basis.


Find Out Your Sclerotherapy Help

If you’re suffering from this condition, you must follow the Sclerotherapy Vein Chicago procedure to immediately do something about it. For the treatment procedure, you can now book an appointment with your trusted nearby specialist in Chicago.

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