Varicose Veins Specialist Chicago Explains How To Cure Them

There are many who suffer through varicose veins without knowing how best to get back to their natural normal selves. This is a condition that is painful and if it goes untreated, can prove life threatening. So what are you supposed to so?


Before we even explore the solutions proposed by the varicose veins specialist Chicago, lets first of all look at how best to prevent the condition from occurring. Varicose veins are caused by rapid increase of weight, standing for far too long, lack of exercise among other things. As such, it follows that the best way to prevent them is to avoid all of the above.

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There are a number of procedures that can help cure varicose veins. Our varicose veins specialist Chicago touches on procedures like endoveneous ablation, laser therapy and even Sclerotherapy. All of the above are simple procedures that do not cause a lot of pain or require a lot of time on the table. Only in very severe cases does the varicose vein specialist Chicago recommend surgery as solution.

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